1975-1978 Rhode Island School of Design, major in Sculpture, BFA with honors

1974-1975 Skidmore College, major in Fine Arts


2005 McColl Center for Visual Arts, Charlotte, NC

2004 Kilkenny Arts Festival, Kilkenny Ireland

2003 DeCordova Museum (retrospective exhibition) Lincoln, MA

2001 also 1997, 1995, 1994, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston, MA

1992 also 1986, David Adamson Gallery, Washington, DC

1988 Lasorda/Iri Gallery Los Angeles, CA

1988 also 1985, 1984, Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York, NY

1987 Grey Gallery, NYU, New York, NY

1984 Delaware Art Museum Downtown Gallery, Wilmington, DE


Addison Gallery, Andover MA

Fidelity Investments, Boston MA

DeCordova Museum, Lincoln MA

Boston Public Library, Boston MA

Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA

New York Public Library, New York, NY

Wellington Management, Boston MA

Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University

Art Complex Museum, Duxbury MA


Founding member of World Sculpture Racing Society and winner of the Worlds First Sculpture Race in Cambridge MA . WSRS was a group of artists that included Art Ganson, Bill Wainwright and George Greenamayer, that staged events that were part street theater, part performance art, part sporting event in the early 1980’s Featured on Art Close Up WGBH-TV in 2004. Also featured in “extra material” sections of “Nomi Song” and “I, Robot” DVD releases, and on “Chronicle” WCBV-TV Consulting artist for Molasses Tank Productions 2005 staging of “Acts of Futility” 6 one act plays by Samuel Beckett.


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