These wood block prints are done in oil and printed on rice paper.

"Dummy's Logbook (Act I)" 2012 8.5"x10"

"Dummy's Logbook (Act II)" 2012 5.5"x7.5"

"Dummy's Logbook (Act III)" 2012 8.5"x9.5"

"Dummy's Logbook (Act IV)" 2013 7"x10.5"

"Fortune" 2008 11"x11"

title title
"No Message" 2000 10.5"x11.5""Message" 2000 10.5"x11.5"
Accompanist Punish/Reward
"Accompanist" 1998 13"x10.5""Punish/Reward" 2002 6"x10"
Big Head Blue Print
"Big Head Blue Print" 1999 6"x11"
Untitled Man Getting Away With Something
"Untitled" 1994 9"x12""Man Getting Away With Something" 1997 13"x10.5"
Man Who Changed His Mind
"Man Who Changed His Mind" 1995 10"x12"

"Puppet Theater" 2004 21"x7"