Messengers Messengers
Messengers 2001 85"x 60"x 30"

Deposit 1 to 4 quarters in the slot (a sign will blink "more" to indicate how many) the light above a messenger's head will come on and he will lean forward and tap out a message in Morse Code. The message will be printed out and collected from below the coin slot. Click here to see a 10 minute video of this piece in action,

Man with Too Much Time on his Hands Man with Too Much Time on his Hands
Man With Too Much Time On His Hands 2017 30" x 16" x 16""

Made for the 2017 Horology in Art Symoposium at the MFA in Boston, this figure incorporates about 79 (mostly non working) watches and time pieces.

Man with Some Restraints Man with Some Restraints
Man with Some Restraints 2016 24"x 15"x 15"

The figure will turn his head to face the viewer and follow his movement.

Tau Tau Tau Tau
Tau Tau 2015 30"x 15"x 15"

The Tau Tau is a burial figure, commissioned by a friend. If anyone approaches he looks up. When my friend dies his ashes will be locked in the chest, the watch will be stopped, and the Tau Tau will be re-positioned to sit upright and guard the remains, looking up if anyone comes too near.

title title title
Coin Operated Hypnotist 2014 (figure 13"h)

When a quarter is inserted the pendulum begins to swing.

title title title
Fortune 2007 75"x 36"x 36"

Center wheel spins and tilts. A ball runs around in a track at the outer edge, to indicate a number when the spinning stops.

Tricky Man Tricky Man Tricky Man
Tricky Man 2011 80"x 20"x 20"

Push one of the two buttons and the figure will rap on the top of the box, the doors will open and the small man will either appear or disappear.

Musical Gallows Musical Gallows Musical Gallows
Tiger Lillies Musical Gallows 2008 23"x 13"x 13"

Plays the song 25 Minutes when a quarter is deposited in the slot. Central figure drops at the end of the song.Click here to see a video of the piece in action.

Mad Dog Bus 2010 17"x 32"x 12"
Smoking Man 2004 80"x 29"x 24"
Man on a Pole Man on a Pole Man on a Pole
Man on a Pole 2004 72"x 10"x 10"
Unbalanced Ghost Unbalanced Ghost
Unbalanced Ghost 2004 22"x 5"x 15"
Puppet Theater Puppet Theater
Puppet Theater 2003 89"x 33"x 33"

To see how this piece was constructed, visit the "Projects" page.